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    HighLife Samples Releases Acapella Song Vocals Vol. 2 Sample Pack


    Highlife Samples has released Acapella Song Vocals Vol.2, a vocal sample pack of five construction kits with all vocal and instrument elements.

    This pack is designed to provide music producers with everything they need to create complete and polished vocal tracks.

    Each kit contains acapella vocals in Dry and Wet (two verses, chorus, adlibs, and back vocals), midi files, and all the musical instruments from piano chords, melodies, pads, and bass.

    The acapella vocals are recorded with high-quality equipment, ensuring a clear and professional sound. The MIDI files allow you to change the melodies and chord progressions to suit your individual needs.

    Whether you’re creating Pop, or any other genre of music, Acapella Song Vocals Vol.2 is the perfect addition to your music production library. It provides you with the foundation you need to produce nice vocal tracks.

    Acapella Song Vocals Vol.2 is available now at £39.99; you can save 30% off everything at HighLife Samples with our exclusive coupon code PRODUCERFEED.

    More information: HighLife Samples

    HighLife Samples

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