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    Neurontube: Debut Is a Free Guitar Amplifier Plugin Using Artificial Intelligence


    AudioSingularity has released Neurontube: Debut, a free guitar amplifier plugin & standalone app that uses artificial intelligence.

    The more you play with Neurontube: Debut, the more passionate you will be about playing guitar. You get the whole package: from the insane roar of American high gain, to the British clean bliss. Damn, you even get the edge-of-breakup tones that you know and love.

    All this combined with boutique stomp pedals modeled using advanced artificial intelligence techniques, hand-picked cabinets, and mics captured with precision overkill, definitely makes Neurontube: Debut unique in tone.

    Neurontube: Debut has a precision tuner, input/output level control, input/output level metering, noise gate control, preset editor, amp selector, a pedalboard section, amp section, cabinet section, and mute button.

    You can download it for free on the AudioSingularity website; it comes as 64-bit VST3 Windows and VST3 & audio unit macOS, as well as standalone app software.

    More information and download: AudioSingularity

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