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    Monster Keys V2 Is a Free “Mix and Match” Virtual Instrument

    Agus Hardiman released Monster Keyz V2, a free virtual instrument plugin that uses a “mix and match” architecture.

    The developer says his plugin is capable of generating many unique sounds and is aimed at those looking for bread-and-butter multi-voice keys and synths.

    Monster Keyz has an easy-to-use interface with 6 sound sections (voices) and effect units such as reverb and delay.


    • 6 Voice categories: Keys, Choir, Pad, Brass, Pluck, and SFX
    • Each voice category has 5 voices for a total of 30 root sounds
    • Mix and match possibilities to produce 1,073,741,823 different sounds (?!)
    • Each voice has individual volume, pan, and on/off button controls
    • Master reverb, delay, and volume

    Monster Keyz is available in VST2, VST3 (Windows 64bit), and VST2, VST3, Audio Unit (Mac 64bit) and is compatible with all popular DAWs (Cubase, Nuendo, FL Studio, Cakewalk, Ableton Live, Reaper, Studio One, Garage Band, Logic Pro, etc).

    More information: Agus Hardiman

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