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    Heavyocity Releases Emotive Choir Free Virtual Instrument for Kontakt Player


    Heavyocity announces Emotive Choir, a brand new free Kontakt Player-powered sample library in the Foundations series of free virtual instruments.

    Emotive Choir features various evolving, sustained vowels and textures paired with a layer of Heavyocity’s signature sound design.

    The Foundations line of professional-quality free instruments was created to introduce all music makers to the dynamic world of cinematic sound.

    Dynamic vocal performances with varying lush timbres have been captured and processed to offer a dimension of unique harmonic structure that is sure to set the mood for your next score.

    FOUNDATIONS | Emotive Choir combines pristine source material with our signature sound design techniques, delivering versatile cinematic vocals with an ethereal quality.

    Built to be a sound design canvas for artists, producers, and composers of all experience levels, the FOUNDATIONS engine features an extensive palette of sound-shaping capabilities, including ARP, Gate, Space, and ADSR.

    Emotive Choir works with the full version of Kontakt 6, and also is fully compatible with the free Kontakt 6 Player.

    More information and download: Heavyocity

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