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    Direct Approach Sets All Their Plugins as Free Downloads

    Direct Approach announces all their plugins for Windows and macOS are now available as free downloads.

    SpecTrend provides a pink-noise-weighted view of the audio spectrum of your track. With pink-noise weighting, all frequency bands will be at the same level when your mix is spectrally balanced. This allows you to see the balance and make EQ decisions to create the perfect balanced mixed! You view each 1/3 octave bar to be at the same level with the pink noise weighting. So, you can tell if your lows are not strong enough, or if there is too much mid-range. And not just the level, the color coding of the bars, green being your target range, makes it is easy to see when your mix is balanced. And the +3db low end compensation allows for more low-end in modern mixes.

    BoostX uses NSLRT functions as an intelligent volume control, that allows you to raise the lower levels of your signal without increasing the higher-level signals. This is NOT a compressor! But, it provides similar functionality in that the loud parts of the signal are controlled, while the soft parts are brought up. And, it does all of this totally transparently. So, for any vocal or instrumental track that is a little too quiet, and needs to be brought up in the mix, without making it too loud, this is the way to do it! And the new read/write automation of the dynamics gives you the precise control to achieve the sound you want!

    LimitX is the plugin that started it all! It was during the development of LimitX™ that we discovered the basis for NLSRT™ which provides the adjustment to peak signals proportional to their level, resulting in transparent limiting with retention of high-frequency content. While many limiters will give a waveform that looks like a lawn mower clipped off the top of each waveform, LimitX™ adjusts each peak both before and after in proportion to its level so that the peak is controlled in a very musical and natural way. Plus, now you are able to record and edit the dynamics automation!


    Snap! restores some of the peak amplitude lost when samples are processed and compressed, sometimes taking the life and impact out of them. Or maybe your track just needs more impact. Snap! stretches those peaks upward, in a proportional manner. Please be aware that this is the exact opposite of a limiter. Snap!™ will increase your peaks which could result in “overs” or clipping. But when used properly, it can put the musical life back into the sound. And now with the ability to read/write the automation of the dynamics processor, you have the greatest possible control of transients!

    DASR is a de-sser that writes automation, so you can adjust the de-essing to suit your needs, or even write the de-esser automation from scratch and have DASR replay it. You have full control over the de-essing process. This gives precise control over the sibilants and plosives since you can view and edit the dip in the dynamics curve to tailor the perfect vocal.

    CompPlus is unique in that it will read/write compression automation curves! Yes! You can now see and control just how the compressor works by viewing the automation of the actual compression dynamics. Plus, you can control the articulation with automatic gain compensation at the end of words and phrases, in many cases eliminating riding the fader! Yes, CompPlus™ will ride the fader for you, both increasing and decreasing gain as necessary!

    All of these plugins are available in Windows VST2, VST3, AAX and macOS VST3, AU, AAX plugin formats. Plugin registration is not required.

    More information and download: Direct Approach

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