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    TwoShot Is a Free App & Plugin Designed to Simplify Music Sampling

    TwoShot is a free app and plugin with the main aim to simplify music sampling by offering an extensive catalog, a user-friendly platform, plus lots of cool features.

    Tobi from TwoShot told us:

    TwoShot is a free app for music producers aiming to simplify music sampling in a couple of different ways. It has an easy-to-browse catalog of samples (provided by other creators on the platform).

    You can easily filter through samples – for example, hyper-pop melodies, flute one-shots, royalty-free samples, acapellas, samples matching a specific key, etc. So far we have over 150,000 samples so far.

    We also have the TwoShot audio plugin that makes it even easier to create music using the samples on the platform. You don’t have to manually download any samples, or deal with time-stretching loops anymore – the plugin handles everything for you.

    We also help the creators in many ways, by allowing users to easily license their content via the platform. Also when creators upload their content to TwoShot, we automatically label their samples with BPM, Key, Instrument, etc.

    One of our biggest benefits is anti-piracy: we can automatically detect duplicates of any samples uploaded, and allow the original author of a sample to be credited.

    TwoShot allows you to access over 150k samples totally free. The TwoShot sampler/browser plugin is available in VST3, AAX and AU plugin formats for Windows and macOS.

    More information: TwoShot

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