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    Caelum Audio “Roast Beef” Saturation Plugin Is Free for a Limited Time


    Caelum Audio announces Roast Beef new saturation plugin is free to download until December 16th, 2022.

    What’s better in the Christmas Season than a piping hot serving of Roast Beef?

    If Beef was the Ghost of Christmas Present, then Tiny-Roast-Beef-Tim is here to beef up your drums, roast your basses and cook your tracks into oblivion.

    Roast Beef is available in VST3, AAX (Windows), VST3, AAX & AU (macOS), also as Standalone and AUv3 app for iOS & iPadOS.

    You can download this plugin for free until December 16th, 2022.

    More information: Caelum Audio

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