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    Noisebud Sets Free Buhdist v1 Distortion Effect Plugin


    Noisebud has announced its Buhdist v1 soft distortion effect plugin is now available for free (previously sold at $11).

    Noisebud says:

    Buhdist is a mix utility distortion plugin initially made from an algorithm that I made for a techno project where we were searching for the perfect 808 kick distortion effect.

    The actual distortion algorithm is a couple of years old but I decided to start cooking up a GUI and add some functionality to make it usable as a plugin.

    Buhdist v1 is available in VST & AU plugin versions for Windows and macOS. There’s also a brand new Buhdist2 v1.01 which as the main difference has four more distortion types added. This second version is available for Patreon subscribers only.

    More information: Noisebud

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