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    HighLife Samples Releases Melodic Techno Ableton Template

    HighLife Samples released Melodic Techno, a royalty-free Ableton Live template that brings all the production insights.

    They told us:

    This template comes with a set of analog-style basslines, a fat-sounding distorted synthesizer, and some tasty arps to give your productions that melodic techno vibe. This template is perfect for all you fun Afterdark music lovers.

    The template is compatible with Ableton 11 and uses only Ableton stock plugins, plus Diva and Serum, for the synth sounds.

    Studying this template file will give you a great insight into the processing of mixing, mastering, layering, side-chain, delay, reverb, compression, Group Channels, Midis, and channel automation.

    Learn how the synth patterns were designed and, overall, an excellent way of learning more about producing Melodic Techno in Ableton Live.

    It is a 100% Royalty-Free template project. You can use this project as an educational and inspirational tool to learn how all the sounds can fit together to create a full, solid-sounding tune.

    Melodic Techno Ableton Template costs £17.99; you can save 30% off everything with coupon code PRODUCERFEED.

    More information: HighLife Samples

    HighLife Samples

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