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    Medusa Is a Free Chorus & Flanger Effect Plugin by Witch Pig


    Witch Pig releases free Medusa, a weird but very creative chorus & flanger effect plugin for DAWs on Windows.

    Medusa offers a range of Chorus and Flanger-based effects, with presets ranging all the way from a mild flutter to full-on modulated weirdness. Made with C++ and Juce.

    The GUI is simple and easy to use with a switch between chorus and flanger, also typical controls such as depth, rate, feedback & mix, and a Phase X knob that sets the sound wave position in the stereo field. There are included 6 factory presets.

    Medusa is not a clean chorus/flanger, it is rather suitable for weird and glitchy effects and for sound design experiments.

    Medusa is available in VST3 plugin versions for digital audio workstations on Windows only.

    On the Witch Pig website you will also find another free plugin called Bitty, described by the author as a bitcrusher with added “wobbliness”.

    More information: Witch Pig

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