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    G-Sonique Releases BFX24 Bi-Polar Analog Multifilter Free This Month


    G-Sonique releases BFX24 – bi-polar analog multifilter free in December 2022, available to download now.

    Bi-Polar Analog Multifilter BFX24 is an analog effect/processor consisting of the emulation of 4 analog filters: Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass, and Band Reject, with Cutoff and Resonance knobs. The Cutoff value can be modulated by the Bi-Polar envelope follower, which modulates the cutoff value according to the input signal depending on the attack and release settings. The advantage is that, unlike conventional envelope followers, it can modulate in both directions.

    G-Sonique says BFX24 is excellent for drums, percussion, guitars, synthesizers, live instruments – its use is practically unlimited. It finds wide application in virtually every genre from pop to Psytrance, Techno, Deep/Disco House, Melodic Liquid DNB, Chillout, Dub, Progressive Psytrance, experimental, guitar and live music, Funk, Hip-Hop, EDM, Psybient, Ambient, Goa Trance, Tech House/Electro House, Dubstep/Riddim and many others.


    • perfect tool for all electronic genres from techno to house, psytrance or downtempo (usable in all genres)
    • automatic envelope follower filter, bi-directional
    • for effecting drums, percussions, synthesizers, leads, guitars… everything
    • 4 types of analog filters with cutoff, resonance and envelope follower modulation: Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass, Band reject

    BFX24 is released on the occasion of the G-Sonique’s 15th anniversary; it is available as a free download throughout the month of December. Actually, you will have to “pay” with Facebook like & share, plus an email address is required for the download link to be sent.

    BFX24 is available in VST plugin format for Windows only.

    More information: G-Sonique

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