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    Cinesamples Releases 5 Free Instruments for Kontakt Player


    Cinesamples releases five free virtual instruments for the free Kontakt Player by Native Instruments.

    Although they are not 100% new, these instruments are worth downloading, especially now that they have been redesigned and reimagined for Kontakt Player. Here is the complete list of freebies:

    Tongue Drum (released previously under the name Modal Drum) is a beautiful-sounding iron tongue drum tuned to a pentatonic scale. Small improvements have been made to the library, including a custom UI, onboard FX, custom Snapshots, and the ability to re-map the instrument chromatically for easier use in compositions in any key.

    Twisted Psaltry – Cinematic FX brings the screechy, hair-raising, ear-splitting metallic sound sprinkled throughout horror, sci-fi, cinematic and textural scores. Brilliant in its simplicity, tiny footprint, and ease of use, Twisted Psaltry is for the producer who needs that little something to add texture, color, depth, or chaos to their sound.

    Accent Pianos, two Orchestral Pianos set in the center of the MGM Scoring Stage at Sony Studios. This particular sound is highly sought after, and legendary for creating a percussive and harmonically rich tone that has made its mark in film scores of all genres. Perfect for accent hits, percussive melodies, and doubling rhythmic patterns, Accent Pianos has the secret sauce producers need to stand out from the crowd.

    Create Series – Toy Xylo and Kalimba – two collections of small, yet pristinely recorded, instruments for adding color and depth to your music. Perfect to inspire new songs, fresh ideas and saves you from setting up a session every time you need a melody from that little toy laying around the studio.

    These libraries work with Native Instruments Kontakt and free Kontakt Player 6.7.1+.

    More information: Cinesamples

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