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    Arturia Releases Filter MS-20 Plugin Free for a Limited Time!

    Arturia has announced the release of Filter MS-20, a stereo filter and distortion effect modeled on the infamously abrasive MS-20 synthesizer.

    Pump destructive crunch, roaring filter sweeps, and ultra-fat stereo depth into your mixes with an audio plugin that’ll make anything sound massive.

    Arturia says:

    Happy holidays from Arturia!

    Here’s a little something on us…

    To get your creativity fired up this holiday season, enjoy Filter MS-20 – an enhanced emulation of a classic analog filter & distortion unit – completely free to download until January 2nd!

    Here’s to an inspiring 2023.


    • Emulated stereo analog filter and distortion effect
    • Circuit-accurate modeling with exclusive TAE® technology
    • Resonant Low Pass, High Pass modes
    • Master Cutoff for Band Pass-style functionality
    • Stereo offset for widening filtered sounds
    • ESP distortion circuit with input filtering
    • Switchable routing (Distortion > Filter, Filter > Distortion)
    • Output Mix and Level controls
    • Envelope Follower
    • Function Generator
    • 16-Step Sequencer
    • Movement macro for attenuating/boosting modulation
    • A/B comparison

    Filter MS-20 works in Standalone, VST, AAX, Audio Unit, NKS (64-bit DAWs only).

    You can download this plugin for free until January 2nd, 2023.

    More information: Arturia

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