Lost-Vinyls Is a Free Lofi Effect Plugin by SuperflyDSP

    SuperflyDSP releases Lost-Vinyls, a free effect plugin emulating the vinyl lofi effects such as scratches, artifacts, and flutter.

    Lofi effects allow you to get that vintage old-school sound. With Lost-Vinyls, you can obtain the classic vinyl background scratchy noise and much more.

    Here’s how it works:

    • Vinyl-type buttons affect mainly the frequency bandwidth
    • Artifact adds glitch and increases distortion
    • Depth increases the tape effect
    • Rate increase flutter frequency
    • The crunch button adds more harmonic distortion
    • Mix effect allows you to mix dry sound and effective sound to obtain a kind of chorus
    • The noise slider allows you to increase noise volume
    • The stereo mode adds a unique wide stereo (especially effective on synth lead or electric keyboard)

    Lost-Vinyls comes with a resizable GUI, strong anti-aliasing algorithm, and a low CPU consumption. It also includes some factory presets to get started in no time.

    This plugin is available in VST3 and AU formats for Windows and macOS.

    In order to unlock the download page, use the password SuperflyDSP.

    More information: SuperflyDSP

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