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    audiolatry Releases Zumzet Lite Free Lofi Virtual Instrument


    audiolatry releases Zumzet Lite, a free virtual instrument plugin for styles such as Lofi, Hip Hop, Retro, EDM, etc.

    This plugin is the free & fully functional version of audiolatry’s brand-new Zumzet lo-fi retro virtual instrument plugin for Windows and macOS.

    Zumzet Lite contains 23 presets taken from the full version which has a total of 82 presets; this is the only difference, everything else is unlocked and working just as the paid plugin.


    • 257 MB extracted size / 199 MB download size
    • 23 presets (keys, leads, pads & synths)
    • ADSR section
    • lowpass/highpass filter cutoff
    • LFO modulation section
    • voice mode & glide
    • reverb module
    • chorus module
    • distortion module
    • delay module
    • global gain & pan
    • 100% royalty-free

    Zumzet Lite is available in VST/VST3 64-bit Windows & VST/VST3 & AU macOS.

    If you like this plugin and want to purchase the full version with 82 presets, keep in mind that for a very limited time is available at only $9 (25% off reg. price $12). In order to save 25% off, use coupon code ZZZ at the checkout.

    More information: audiolatry

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