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    Condensation Is a Free Sample Pack Featuring Various Sources of Water


    Data Broth releases Condensation, a free collection of samples from recordings of various sources of water.

    The author says the samples were recorded on a ZOOM H2n and most of them have a slowed-down counterpart. Also, the library will grow over time – he plans to add new recordings.

    Condensation is free because water should be free, water is a human right, and I just didn’t feel comfortable selling it as audio. I’m not trying to pretend this is some gracious act on my part, I just really found these samples special and wanted to share them

    I used various methods for creating these samples, my first instinct was to record all the faucets and drains, pouring bodies of water into one another. Next I experimented with trying to capture individual drops or bubbles, or plopping different items into the water, or sloshing water around in containers.

    The library is available as a free download.

    More information: Data Broth

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