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    Sonora Cinematic Releases Aria Libera Free Kontakt Instrument


    Sonora Cinematic, the developer of unique and inspirational Kontakt instruments including Poiesis Cello and the Magnetism series, has released a new free instrument – Aria Libera.

    Created in collaboration with, Aria Libera is a free Kontakt instrument featuring the beautiful humming of singer Emma May Price processed through a granular modular synthesizer.

    The result is an inspiring and effortless tool for adding beautiful vocal textures, atmospheres, or pads to underscores. It’s also excellent for experimental and glitchy sounds.

    Users can assign Aria Libera to any MIDI controller and use the XY pad to expressively shape their sound. Move across the X axis to increase the granular effect and use the Y axis to diffuse the sound in space.

    Of the release, Sonora Cinematic Founder Alessandro Mastroianni says, “Aria Libera is an example of how incredible and unique organic samples can sound when processed. There’s something magic, almost spiritual, about the human voice and the granular processing makes it unique.”

    Aria Libera is available to download for free now from It requires the full version of Kontakt 6.7.1 (will not work with the free Kontakt Player).

    More information: Sonora Cinematic

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