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    SuperflyDSP Lost-Tapes Is a FREE Lo-Fi Effect Plugin Based on Tape Emulation


    SuperflyDSP has announced the release of Lost-Tapes, a free lo-fi effect plugin for digital audio workstations on Windows and macOS.

    LoFi effects allow you to obtain vintage aka old-school sound. Lost-Tapes effect is based on tape emulation but does not claim to model any hardware model.

    Lost-tapes modify with character your sound with state-of-the-art algorithms. Plugins can be used mainly on instruments (like guitar, vocals, or keyboards.), but also on stem tracks like drum-kit or stacked chord tracks.


    • Tape-type buttons affect mainly the frequency bandwidth
    • Artifact – adds glitch and increases distortion.
    • Depth – increases the tape effect.
    • Rate – increases flutter frequency
    • Crunch button (harmonic distortion)
    • Wet/dry mix
    • Noise slider
    • Stereo mode – adds unique wide stereo (especially effective on synth lead or electric keyboard)
    • Resizable GUI
    • Strong anti-aliasing algorithm
    • Low CPU consumption
    • Cross-platform
    • Built-in presets

    Lost-tapes is available in VST & AU plugin formats for Windows and macOS (Intel chips only).

    In order to access the downloads, use the password SuperflyDSP on the product page.

    More information: SuperflyDSP

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