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    TheChorus Is a FREE Versatile Chorus Effect Plugin (VST & AU)


    TheChorus is a free versatile chorus effect plugin for digital audio workstations on Windows and macOS (VST & AU).

    TheChorus is a virtual analog chorus effect that combines digital chorus features with a hybrid analog-inspired bucket-brigade device (BBD)/ladder filter stage. You can use it as a chorus, flanger, vibrato, stereo widener, or doubler and decrease the cutoff for a warm yet gritty bite.


    • Standard chorus parameters: Rate, Depth, and Width.
    • Non-standard chorus parameters: Delay, Mode, Cutoff.
    • Mixing parameters: Mix, Pan, Makeup Volume.
    • Increasing hysteresis and even harmonics with lower cutoffs.
    • Built-in, optimized anti-aliasing.
    • Modulate-able knobs are drawn with solid lines.

    TheChorus is available in 64-bit VST3/AU plugin versions for Windows and macOS (M1 Apple Silicon supported). In order to get it for free, insert 0 in the pricing field; or add the sum of your choice if you want to support the developer.

    More information: TheZhe

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