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    QM Sounds Is a FREE Sample Player ROMpler for Ambient & Lo-Fi Music


    Quiet Sounds has released QM Sounds, a free sample player (ROMpler) instrument plugin for Windows and macOS.

    QM Sounds is the name given to our new sample player, focused on relaxation music, meditation, ambient, lo-fi, field recordings, and many more.

    The player itself is free to download, but you will be able to load free and paid libraries created by Quiet Music with different instruments and audio equipment, both modern and vintage. A single player but with different skins, with very inspiring and relaxing sounds.

    QM Sounds is frequently updated, you can already download three sample libraries (extensions):

    • VLT Lo-Fi, created from recordings of a VL-Tone keyboard on a Cassette Tape Recorder from 1985 – authentic lo-fi sound without added effects.
    • Clear Glass, created from recordings of wine glasses and processed with high-quality effects pedals and plugins.
    • Zen, a Tibetan singing bowl tuned to 432 Hz and processed with high-quality effect pedals and plugins.


    QM Sounds virtual instrument is available in VST/VST3 and AU plugin versions for digital audio workstations in Windows and macOS. An email is required for the downloads.

    More information: Quiet Sounds

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