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    Humble Bundle Launches Mega Sound Designer Loop Crate Vol. 3 (Charity)

    Humble Bundle launched Mega Sound Designer Loop Crate Vol. 3 to support the American Cancer Society and HFC.

    The bundle includes 48 items – synths, virtual instruments & effects, software & sample packs worth $1,269 (you pay $25 or more), or you can choose the 5-item bundle for as low as $1.

    Get Iron Scores, Seids Vocal Loops, Polymode Synthesizer, Stardust 201 Tape Echo, Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio, and more.

    An ultrasonic toolkit for music and SFX makers. Make and mix an endless soundscape of music, beats, and audio with the 3rd volume of our Mega Sound Designer Loop Crate collection!

    The ultra-packed third edition includes a hand-selected mix of loops, effects, samples, and more to score scenes and produce tracks for a huge variety of styles and genres. You can also pick up an array of audio crafting tools, including Acoustica’s powerful Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio and Cherry Audio’s Polymode Synthesizer.

    Bring the music in your head to life, all while supporting the American Cancer Society and HFC!

    There are 3 pricing tiers:

    • the 5-item bundle for just $1 includes Mixcraft 8 Home Studio and 4 sample packs;
    • the 18-item bundle comes with a piano ROMpler, two synths, and 15 sample packs (you pay €20.23);
    • and the 48-item edition (€22.73) – the complete bundle containing Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio, plugins, and tons of sample packs.

    This is a great chance for you to grab some quality production tools at a cheap price and same time help people in need.

    The bundles are available until May 6, 2022.

    More information: Humble Bundle

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