Gospel Musicians Offers FREE Pure Synth Platinum Virtual Instrument

FREE Pure Synth Platinum Virtual Instrument

Gospel Musicians made their Pure Synth Platinum virtual instrument ROMpler available as a free download for desktop and iOS devices.

The free version contains 128 presets, also additional content can be purchased on their website.

We have matured our Pure Synth® architecture to a point now where we can provide top-notch sounds, and features all packaged into an expansion powerhouse. Similar to many of the virtual sampler player systems, Pure Synth® now has a FREE version.

Whenever you want new sounds and inspirations, you can expand through our easy expansion system. Make and share free presets and sounds with your friends.


  • #1 Hybrid Rompler Synthesizer
  • 128 FREE Analog Presets
  • Advanced Sample Streaming
  • Super Fast Sound Loading
  • 14 VA Analog Waveforms
  • 108 Analog Modeled Wavetables
  • Overloud™ Vintage Effects
  • Easy to Use Unlimited Modulations
  • JP Modeled Unison with Variations

Pure Synth Platinum is available for PC, Mac, and iOS users (VST, AU, AAX, and AUv3).

More information: Gospel Musicians

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