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    Vienna Symphonic Library Releases “Celestial Strings” & “Soft Imperial” FREE Virtual Instruments

    Vienna Symphonic Library released “Celestial Strings” and “Soft Imperial Piano”, two new free virtual instruments based on their Synchron Player.

    Celestial Strings provides a masterfully captured ensemble sound by Synchron Stage Vienna’s Chief Recording Engineer Bernd Mazagg in one of the best scoring stages on the planet. Spread out over more than six octaves on the keyboard, the large sections of first and second violins, violas, cellos, and basses are carefully layered into one beautiful, inspiring patch that you can play right away, letting the magic unfold by just holding the keys.

    The perfectly created Mixer Presets offer a host of sound characteristics right out of the box and ready for use, from the pure unprocessed string ensemble to lush and airy sounds and to various effect presets.

    Soft Imperial was recorded in a tight and controlled ambience, so that you can place your piano in any acoustic environment. Many different placements and reverberation settings are preconfigured and readily available in the Vienna Synchron Player, with Mixer Presets from a dry player’s perspective, to various reverb lengths, big hall placements, and ethereal effects.

    Rather than being dull or muffled, the clear and transparent tones of this beautiful grand piano lend themselves well to a lot of styles, from intimate and sparse arrangements to larger instrumentation.

    Both libraries require Vienna Synchron Player (VST/AU/AAX) which is provided with the download. An account at Vienna Symphonic Library is required.

    More information: Vienna Symphonic Library

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