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    GoranGrooves Launches “Handy Drums” Collection of 15 Drum Plugins


    GoranGrooves launched Handy Drums, a collection of 15 sampled drum and percussion virtual instrument plugins, making a debut in the realm of DAW plugins.

    While all plugins have consistent branding and design, each plugin features a complete drumset or percussion dedicated to a particular music production need.

    The Handy Drums range consists of the following plugins, with more coming up:

    • Rock Standard
    • Reggae Standard
    • Retro Custom
    • Studio Standard
    • Latin Percussion & Drums
    • Pop Brushes
    • Metal Standard
    • Vintage Ludwig
    • Ballad Rock
    • Studio Legend
    • World Percussion
    • John Bonham Style
    • Jazz Standard
    • Flamenco Percussion
    • Mallets

    Each plugin is equipped with a clean, simple, intuitive GUI offering essential functionalities such as volume control of individual components, drum mapping, routing, audition buttons, midi and driver settings, and a CC4 curve editor for e-drummers.

    The Handy Drums virtual drumsets come in various flavors and sound characteristics from dry to ambient and are suitable for a broad spectrum of music styles from Jazz to Rock.

    All acoustic drumsets found in Handy Drums feature variable hi-hats in addition to the GM ones. While some drum plugins achieve variable hi-hats by assigning each articulation to a different note, Handy Drums practically utilizes only 2 notes (tip and edge) and a CC4 controller. The results are less clutter in the midi projects and the ability to manipulate the hi-hat openness on the fly using a mod wheel assigned to CC4. Users can go from tightly closed, to closed, to 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% open hats.

    Users of the BeatBuddy pedal drum machine will be familiar with the sound of Handy Drums, as all of the sample libraries were previously utilized for the BeatBuddy platform.

    The plugins are available in 64bit, VST2, VST3, AU formats, and standalone apps for Windows and macOS. They can be purchased from the GoranGrooves Library at prices ranging from $20-$49 per plugin.

    In addition to the virtual drum plugins, GoranGrooves also launched the initial 10 MIDI drum loop packs to accompany the plugins, and they can be purchased separately. Like the plugins, they cover a variety of music styles.

    More information: GoranGrooves

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