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    Free ASMR Features 800+ Samples for Soundpaint Engine Plugin & Standalone

    Soundpaint has announced the release of Free ASMR, a sample library for their freeware Soundpaint Engine plugin & standalone.

    Free ASMR is a unique cloud collaboration instrument, made entirely of samples between us and you – our incredibly generous community. Over several months, we asked everyone to submit ASMR content so we could all explore and experience these wonderful synesthesia-inducing recordings together.

    Thanks to you, this endeavor was a huge success and we collected over 8 GB of content, including everything from human whispers to woody rattles and papery crunches, to metallic scrapes and ceramic grit, to countless other truly inventive sounds.

    Free ASMR contains over 800 samples available across 9 Parts and 54 Programs and is 8GB+ in size. Same as the previous libraries (Free Angels, Free Radicals and Free You) ASMR is created from sounds delivered by the Soudpaint community of users.

    The library works with the Soundpaint Engine (VST, AU, and Standalone) which is also free.

    More information: Soundpaint

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