ToneBoosters Set FREE 23 Legacy V3 Plugins – TrackEssentials & BusTools

    ToneBoosters has announced they have made their Legacy v3 plugins (TrackEssentials and BusTools) available for free.

    This means you can now access a total of 23 free plugins, all 64-bit compatible.

    Here’s the list of all ToneBoosters Legacy v3 free plugins:

    • TB Barricade V3
    • TB Broadcast V3
    • TB Bus Compressor V3
    • TB Compressor V3
    • TB De-Esser V3
    • TB Dither V3
    • TB EBU Compact V3
    • TB EBU Loudness V3
    • TB Equalizer V3
    • TB Evoke V3
    • TB EZQ V3
    • TB Ferox V3
    • TB FLX V3
    • TB FLX4 V3
    • TB Gate V3
    • TB Isone V3
    • TB Mid/Side Transformer V3
    • TB Module V3
    • TB ReelBus V3
    • TB Reverb V3
    • TB Sibalance V3
    • TB Time Machine V3
    • TB Voice Pitcher V3

    The plugins are available in VST and AU formats for Windows and macOS. ToneBoosters provides installers for both platforms.

    More information: ToneBoosters

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