Monster Voxana Is a FREE Sample-Based Vocal Virtual Instrument

Monster Voxana FREE Sample-Based Vocal Virtual Instrument

MonsterDAW has released Monster Voxana, a free sample-based vocal instrument plugin featuring beatbox, choir, vocal chops, and other related sounds.

#MonsterVoxanaVST is a Free Vocal VST Instruments with various Modes!

It covers all kinds of vocal presets, from Beatbox, Choirs, Vocal Chops, and everything in between.

It’s suitable for any kind of music genre, not just EDM. From R’n’B, Pop, Rock, Jazz, to Classical.


  • attack & release
  • reverb
  • 5 preset modes: Beatbox, Vocal Chops, Chord, Notes, and Shout Modes
  • very little RAM usage
  • presets ranging from the sound of the 70s to modern sound

Monster Voxana is available for Windows 32-bit & 63-bit(VST/VST3) and macOS (VST/VST3/AU).

More information: MonsterDAW

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