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    Downtown Colors Is a FREE Plugin Inspired by the Urban Environment


    ZAK Sound has announced the release of Downtown Colors, a free plugin for DAWs on Windows and macOS.

    Downtowns are often quite chaotic, but they also have an inspiring environment ideal for creating sounds and producing music.

    We created 16 sounds inspired by different parts of the city and an associated color through creative imagination.

    Downtown Colors contains 16 sounds inspired by the city’s colors, with a touch of creative imagination. You’ll find typical controls such as Lowcut, Width, Gain, Pan, Wave FX (three types), and envelope (attack, decay, sustain, and release).

    The plugin is available in VST3/AU formats and requires a DAW or other plugin host loaded in Windows or macOS and around 500MB of hard drive space.

    In order to download Downtown Colors, a free account at ZAK Sound is required.

    More information: ZAK Sound

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