Boz Digital Labs Releases Panipulator 3 FREE Stereo Imaging Plugin

Panipulator 3 FREE Stereo Imaging Plugin

Boz Digital Labs has released Panipulator 3, a free stereo imaging & panning plugin for DAWs on Windows and macOS.

Panipulator is an indispensable, CPU-friendly tool that lets you achieve accurate mix translation across various less-than-ideal playback systems.

With simple streamlined controls, you can check mono compatibility, speaker polarity, identify phase issues in multi-miked instruments, isolate speakers in mono, and more—and it’s absolutely FREE.


  • Simple, streamlined user interface
  • Check the mono compatibility of mixes
  • Identify problems in the stereo field
  • Hear what your mixes will sound like in imperfect playback media
  • Use correctively or creatively
  • Flip phase on left and right speakers individually
  • Isolate speakers in mono, in and out of phase
  • Flip the stereo field to assess differences in speaker playback
  • Listen in “LoFi” mode

Panipulator is available in 64-bit VST2.4, VST3, AU, AAX plugin versions for Windows and macOS.

More information: Boz Digital Labs

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