12bitz T30-GP FREE Piano Plugin Is Based on a Portable Digital Keyboard

    12bitz has announced the release of T30-GP, a free VST/AU piano ROMpler plugin featuring a sampled Grand Piano.

    The plugin was sampled from a portable digital keyboard based on a Steinway Grand Piano. It was known for its good sound and great ability to cut through the mix.

    The developer says T30-GP will maybe not be your first choice piano to play your favorite Chopin pieces, but certainly a good addon for any genre in modern music.

    At the base of the sound stay 264 samples recorded and rendered in 16-bit/44100 kHz format. They were spread across 88 notes with 3 velocity layers each.

    T30-GP is available in VST & AU plugin formats for Windows and macOS (recent versions not supported).

    More information: 12bitz

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