Wrongtools Is Taking Pre-Orders for Torus Upcoming Kontakt Library

    Wrongtools has announced that it started taking pre-orders for Torus, their upcoming bundle of three Kontakt libraries.

    Torus consists of three different gong libraries in one, each with constantly evolving tones, tonal richness, and full broad-spectrum ring:

    • Hall Session – different Feng gong articulations recorded in a hall. A good addendum to orchestral recordings and film music scenarios.
    • Dry Room Session – the samples will blend smoothly into drum tracks and rhythm sections. With up to 9 velocity layers per preset, it could be used as an alternative to drumset/cymbals.
    • Cinematic Gongs – for these innovative cinematic textural patches, Wrongtools experimented with different materials, rubbing superballs, fingernails, scrapes, scrubbing, and effects on a variety of gongs.

    Torus requires 2.39 GB of free space and a full retail version of Native Instruments Kontakt 6.4.2 (or later). Kontakt Player isn’t supported.

    The library is planned to be released on December 17th, but you can pre-order Torus now, it costs only €29.

    More information: Wrongtools

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