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    Druid Bass X2 Is a FREE Bass Guitar Multi-Effect Plugin

    AGL VST Customs has announced the release of Druid Bass X2, a free bass guitar multi-effect plugin for Windows.

    This plugin combines five essential effects for bassists in a rack chain:

    • Preamp – emulation of a bass preamp with 6-band EQ.
    • Distortion – drive control of a typical valve amplifier adding a distortion. In addition, the “Color” control creates different flavors of sound.
    • Modulation – gentle and deep chorus and flanger effects, creates a wide and rich sound.
    • Compressor with threshold, attack, ratio, and gain controls. The “Attack” knob lets you create a slow attack effect as a bow style.
    • Reverb – stereo spring reverb emulation.

    ‚ÄčIn addition, there are a noise gate, also input & output level controls with VU meters.

    Druid Bass X2 is available as VST3 plugin (64-bit) for DAWs on Windows. In order to download it, a valid email address is required.

    More information: AGL VST Customs

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