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    Yum Audio’s New LoFi Pitch Dropout Plugin Is FREE Until November 30th


    Yum Audio has announced the new LoFi Pitch Dropout creative plugin for Windows and macOS is free this Black Friday only.

    LoFi Pitch Dropout is described as a virtual tape getting stuck randomly and catching up again. It lets you add character with subtle to strong pitch errors.

    Imagine a tape in an old playback system getting stuck and then speeding up again to catch up, adding a nice and subtle flux to the pitch of your signal.

    Pitch Dropout allows you to do this randomly, ranging in frequency from very rarely to extremely often, or even controlled precisely through the Dropout button, which you can automate to sync to your beat.

    The plugin’s interface is simple with the amount control knob that increases or decreases the strength of the dropouts, a Dropout button to immediately trigger the effect, “Chance” slider which allows you to define how often the dropouts are happening, Channel Selector mono/stereo for a spread out listening effect, also a selector for the six different dropout modes.

    There’s also included a visualizer display, to give you exact feedback on what the virtual tapes inside the circuit are doing.

    LoFi Pitch Dropout is available in VST/VST3, AU, and AAX plugin versions for DAWs on Windows and macOS.

    Usually €75, this plugin is 100% free during the Black Friday period (ends November 30th).

    More information: Yum Audio

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