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    Alex Ball Releases 230 FREE Samples From the CR-78 Drum Machine

    Alex Ball has announced the release of The First Famous Drum Machine, a free sample pack featuring the vintage CR-78 drum machine.

    From Alex Ball’s Youtube:

    The Roland CompuRhythm or CR-78 from 1978 is arguably the first famous drum machine. In this short video, I take a look at why that is.

    Thanks to the owner of this CR-78 and thanks to Autoy for filling in the sounds I couldn’t get due to it needing a visit to the synth doctor.

    The sample pack contains 10 folders of kicks, snares, hi-hats, and percussions. There are 230 samples in total, all captured in 16-bit WAV format.

    If you’re looking for more vintage drum machine sample packs, Alex had previously offered free samples from the Linn LM-1, E-mu SP 1200, and Simmons SDS-3.

    The CR-78 samples are available for free download via Alex Ball Youtube.

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