ttm000 Is a FREE Organ Synthesizer Plugin by TTM Works

ttm000 FREE Organ Synthesizer Plugin by TTM Works

TTM Works has announced the release of ttm000, a free organ VST instrument plugin based on synthesis only.

From their website:

ttm000 is a VSTi that recreates a certain world-famous organ. It started out as a VST study project, but I ended up reworking it many times until I was satisfied with the result.

There are still a lot of things I haven’t figured out yet, so I’d like to improve them when I feel like it.


  • Generates a basic waveform from nothing using a unique algorithm.
  • Reproduction of the difference in pronunciation time between each drawbar depending on the strength (speed) of the key press.
  • Basic waveform can be selected from Sin/Saw/Pulse.
  • Small memory usage and light load.

ttm000 is a VST plugin for DAWs and other plugin hosts loaded on Windows. The download is instant (registration isn’t required).

More information: TTM Works

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