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    OZ-Soft Releases Xpander FREE Multi-Fx Plugin (VST & AU)

    OZ-Soft has released Xpander, a free multi-fx plugin featuring a combination of stereo widener, unison detuner, chorus, ensemble, and eq.

    The GUI is divided into 3 sections to keep it plain and simple. However not to be fooled by the simple looks, as it harnesses great power under the hood.

    Expand your stereo image. Transform the lifeless thin sounds into warm and rich-sounding tones. Mono to stereo, stereo to super-wide, and everything in between. Combined with its impressive Unisono FX It’s like transforming a dead wasteland into a lively and vivid jungle.

    Xpander is available in VST & AU plugin versions for DAWs on Windows and macOS.

    More information: OZ-Soft

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