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    Variety Of Sound Releases FerricTDS mkII FREE Tape Saturation Plugin


    Variety Of Sound has announced the second version of its amazing FerricTDS tape saturation effect plugin for DAWs on Windows.

    FerricTDS mkII is a plugin that simulates some dynamic effects as can be obtained with some high-quality tape gear. It works great on VA synths, adding some slight crunch and presence, also you can use it in the chain for electric guitar.

    What’s new in version 2:

    • Introducing operating level calibration for better gain-staging and output volume compensated processing
    • Metering ballistics revised and aligned accordingly
    • Updated tape compression algorithms increasing punch, adding 2nd order harmonic processing, less IMD
    • Updated limiter algorithm featuring ADC style converter clipping
    • All non-linearities are running at higher sampling frequencies internally
    • Adding a sophisticated analog signal path emulation

    FerricTDS mkII is available as VST plugin (VST 32- and 64-bit) for Windows only. You can download it for free at Variety Of Sound.

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