Hexachords Releases Orb Producer Suite 3 – New Features & Optimized AI

Orb Producer Suite 3

Hexachords has announced the release of version 3 of their Orb Producer Suite, which now includes a lot of new features and a optimized AI.

Orb Producer Suite 3 comes with 4 professional plugins that let you create infinite patterns, melodies, and basslines, thanks to artificial intelligence. See the video below:

What’s new in version 3:

  • block chaining – lets you create one long piece of music from all of your themes for continuous playback at the click of a button.
  • keep bass for chords – no matter the complexity of your track, the bass note of the chords will always be on the bottom of the chord.
  • the new Polyrhythms engine lets you create a trip-hop style space for your musical ideas in seconds with a simple checkbox in dozens of time signatures.
  • Lyrical Melodies create an anacrusis or pick-up note to a bar, adding a new layer of professional-sounding voice leading.
  • new user interface with better organization of features, and bigger buttons and knobs for ease of usability.
  • The Chords engine has been improved; it got a much-needed alteration to decrease randomness when regenerating chords.

Orb Producer Suite 3 is available in VST & AU plugin versions for Windows and macOS. It is available now at €99; the upgrade costs €49.

More information: Hexachords

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