YRX117 Sample Library FREE Drum Shots Collection

Brave Retro World has announced the release of YRX117 Sample Library, a free collection based on the sounds of the RX11 and RX17 drum machines.

RX11 was released in 1984 and included 29 sounds. RX17 released 3 years later had 26 sounds. Both drum machines had no pitch control.

YRX117 sample library includes all 55 sounds.

In detail, you receive 4 kicks, 9 snares, 7 hi-hats, 7 toms, 2 crashes, 2 rides, 3 cowbells, 3 claps, 3 rim shots, a tambourine, 2 bongos, 3 congas, 2 timbales, 2 agogos, a whistle, 2 shakers, and 2 cuicas.


  • 3 Round Robin for each note;
  • 4 sample rates: 44,1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88,2 kHz, 96 kHz;
  • each sample rate was recorded separately;
  • 165 24-bit WAV samples for each sample rate;
  • SoundFont bank with 4 instruments;
  • 2 .nki patches for Kontakt 6;
  • 15 second audio output noise sample.

YRX117 Sample Library is available for free at Brave Retro World (requires email registration).

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