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    audiolatry Releases Upright Piano FREE Virtual Instrument Plugin


    audiolatry has announced the release of Upright Piano, a free virtual piano VSTi plugin based on a sampled Kawai Upright Piano.

    Upright Piano has 2 velocity layers, which, according to its developer, make it ideal for simple piano lines and suitable for genres such as Lo-Fi Hip Hop, Chillout, Future Pop, etc.

    The interface is compact and easy to use, with attack & release, global gain, also a simple reverb. The “Tremolo” is an LFO section with LFO destination (pitch, expression, or pan), rate & depth. There’s also a simple lowpass/highpass filter with cutoff and keys release volume.


    • Sampled Kawai Upright Piano.
    • 2 velocity layers.
    • Keys release.
    • 44.1kHz 16-bit audio quality.
    • 57 MB size on disk.
    • Attack & release.
    • LFO (pitch, expression, or pan destination) with rate & depth.
    • Filter cutoff (lowpass & highpass).
    • Reverb module.
    • Global volume.

    Upright Piano is now available for free/pay-what-you-want in VST & VST3 64-bit plugin formats for Windows.

    More information: audiolatry

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