Audec Releases Shape FREE Waveshaper/Wavefolder Plugin

    Audec has announced the release of Shape, a free waveshaper/wavefolder effect plugin for Windows and macOS.

    Shape is a simple waveshaper/wavefolder effect that has 5 shaping curves, Hard Clip, Soft Clip, Tube, Triangle, and Sine.

    The GUI is straightforward with a scope that visualizes the shaping curve (transfer function) that maps input and output values to the horizontal and vertical axes, respectively. The “Input” control adjusts the amount of gain, while “Bias” creates asymmetrical distortion, producing warm even harmonics.

    Next we find typical controls such as “Dry/Wet” (adjusts the balance of the dry and wet signal) and knob for the output volume. The “Oversampling” selector sets the oversampling factor, reducing the aliasing noise caused by nonlinear effects such as saturator, overdrive, distortion, and clipper.

    Shape is available in VST & AU plugin formats for Windows and macOS.

    More information: Audec

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