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    Martinheterjag Releases Gramophony FREE Lo-Fi Style Effect Plugin


    Martinheterjag has announced the release of Gramophony, a free Lo-Fi style effect plugin for DAWs on Windows and macOS.

    Gramophony is inspired by the sound of the band Boards of Canada who utilizes vibrato, compression and filtering to get a Lo-Fi sound on their tracks. This plugin is combining mild distortion, chorus/vibrato, and bandpass filtering.

    Martinheterjag says the goal is not to sound like an old gramophone player, but to sound cool, slightly out of tune, and a little bit dirtier.

    On the same product page, you will also find Wave Folder, another free plugin, but this time inspired by west coast modular synths like Buchla and Serge.

    Gramophony is available in VST & AU plugin formats on GitHub.

    More information: Martinheterjag

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