Fanan Team Releases ScandiClavia 2 FREE Virtual Analog Nordish Organ

Scandiclavia 2 FREE Virtual Analog Nordish Organ

Fanan Team has announced the release of ScandiClavia 2, a free virtual organ instrument plugin for Windows.

The developer says ScandiClavia 2 is a bigger and improved successor to the first Scandiclavia virtual analog Nordish organ model. It yet works as an open mixer format like the previous, but now comes with 7 waveforms per channel, an enhanced sound path, and some other new exciting features.

The main sound engine uses 32bit oscillators with the highest possible dynamic range and 7 waveforms per oscillator. The waveforms can be mixed together and create a vast of sound colors, textures, and articulations. The oscillators also include gleam effect, global hi-pass/lowpass filters (per oscillator), a rotary speaker emulation, drawbars, hammer generator (click), and a rich effects rack.

ScandiClavia got an exclusive hammer manager that is responsible for the percussive effect of the organ’s hammer. You can choose from 7 types, from dull to noisy, and determine the most subtle nuance of the hammer.

​Last but not least, there’s a full section of built-in effects comprising a new cabinet with 4 different cabinets emulations, chorus, phaser, wha-wha, reverb, and delay.

ScandiClavia is available in VST/VST3 plugin formats for Windows.

More information: Fanan Team

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