Bad Contact Is a FREE Hum & Crackle Noise Generator by Rawoltage

    Rawoltage has announced the release of Bad Contact, a free VST instrument plugin that generates hum, popping & crackle noises by using pure synthesis.

    From Rawoltage:

    While most sound designers hate when knobs and switches crackle and create noise, we felt there was potential in these flaws. One can create interesting musical tones or individual works with them. It just depends on your imagination and the FX chain.

    Get creative and try the 50/60 Hz hum of the transformer, the harsh crackling while turning the big knob, or the popping sound of the power button. By increasing the voltage, you can strengthen the crackling. All sounds are oscillator generated, not sample-based. No boring repetition.

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    Bad Contact is available in VST3 plugin format for Windows only. The download is instant, registration isn’t required.

    More information: Rawoltage

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