Waves OneKnob Filter Is FREE @ ModeAudio (2 Days Left)

    Until July 26th only, Waves in collaboration with ModeAudio are offering the Waves OneKnob Filter plugin for free.

    OneKnob Filter is perfect for loops, synths, full mixes & more, OneKnob Filter is a simple yet powerful creative effect. The single knob controls the filter sweep, ranging from fully open to a low-range rumble. Automate seamless filter sweeps, perfect for any build-up or drop.

    Waves OneKnob series is designed, above all else, with ease of use in mind, with plugins in most cases consisting of just a single dial which you can crank from 0 to 10 to apply the effect in question.

    OneKnob Filter slightly deviates from this playbook by also bringing the 2nd most important facet of the all-important filter into the mix, resonance.

    From none to moderate, high to the extreme (for what’s the point of just a little resonance after all?!), this button offers producers an effortless control for dialing in just the right amount of filter sheen or scream into their sessions.

    In order to get the plugin for free, click this link (you’ll be directed to Waves) and hit that “Get OneKnob Filter Free” blue button. You will be prompted to log in to your Waves account, then a serial number will be assigned to your account.

    The free promo is available until Monday, July 26.

    More information: ModeAudio

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