Support Brainworx – Badly Affected by the Floods in Germany

    Plugin Alliance just made an appeal to all musicians to support the Brainworx company, badly affected by this month’s floods in Germany.

    From their blog:

    July 15, 2021, marks the end of an era for Brainworx and their iconic studio & office building in Germany. As documented by the international media, Germany got hit with the hardest rainfalls and flooding ever, which left hundreds of people dead and whole cities washed away by the rain and the resulting floods.

    While none of the Brainworx team was hurt or physically harmed, the company building will be unusable for months to come, as it is located in one of the areas that got hit the hardest. In fact, BX may have to move and find a new home asap to rebuild their offices and studios.

    The iconic BX main studio was completely destroyed in this disaster, and only a few pieces of outboard gear have survived the flooding. The water was standing in the whole building about 2ft (60cm) deep for many hours. The iconic NEVE VXS 72 console (one of only 9 ever made) was damaged badly and had to be sold and removed from the location asap because of mold formation that started in the building after only 48 hours. The big PMC MB2-XBD main speakers were destroyed as well as a rare power amp by German legend Dieter Burmester (RIP). A lot of the racked 19” gear was damaged. Only equipment that was sitting on desks or in the higher slots of the 19” racks survived.

    You can support the Brainworx company by buying some of their plugins, or some of their merchandise. Any financial support will help with the rebuilding of the BX offices in Germany, which currently leaves almost 60 employees without an actual work space.

    More information on this blog post.

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