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    SampleScience C64 Drums Sample Pack Is $1+ for the Next 48 Hours


    SampleScience has announced a 48 hours flash sale on C64 Drums, a sample pack featuring Commodore 64 drum shots, percussion, and synths.

    Get the original crunchy drum sounds of the Commodore 64 with C64 Drums. This sample pack contains an assortment of Commodore 64 percussion, sound effects, and a bonus folder of synth one-shots generated by the original SID chip. Perfect to create the soundtrack of your video game or to add thick drums to your way-too-clean electronic tracks.


    • 276 samples
    • 81 C64 kicks
    • 85 C64 snares
    • 23 C64 sfx
    • 24 C84 hi hats
    • 26 C64 claps
    • 20 C64 toms
    • 5 C64 sticks
    • Bonus: 12 synth one-shot (key-labeled and tuned)

    For the next 48 hours, C64 Drums will be available for just $1+ (pay what you want with a $1 minimum), this is a no-brainer. After the promo period, the C64 Drums price will increase to $10.

    All the samples are provided as 24-bit mono WAV files and they’re 100% royalty-free.

    More information: SampleScience

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