Rasa Is a FREE Sound Sculpture Virtual Instrument by Mntra

    Mntra has announced the release of Rasa, a free virtual instrument plugin for Windows and macOS.

    Rasa showcases the vast creative possibilities that Mntra’s Sound Sculpture Series of commercial libraries have to offer.

    Drawing from four of Mntra’s Sound Sculpture Instruments, Rasa features four of Mntra sample maps: the large Tibetan Horn (Orakle), the Morin khuur (Arca), Pitched Volcanic Rocks (Atma), and our “Viper” Death Whistle (UDW).

    Rasa includes 14 curated presets to get you started on the powerful sound sculpting possibilities of the dedicated VST/AU MNDALA engine.


    • 4 instrument sample maps
    • Up To 15 round robbins
    • Recorded at industry-leading 32-bit/384kHz resolution
    • Extreme resolution CPU efficient in-DAW playback & blazingly fast preset loading
    • Plugin app and samples watermarked to you
    • Easy downloads and updates via Pulse Downloader
    • 2.25 GB installed, 5GB required for setup
    • Minimum 8GB of RAM and an i5 or better CPU required
    • Supported by all VST/AU compatible DAWs

    Rasa virtual library works within MNDALA, a free player in VST/AU plugin formats for Windows & mac OS (10.11+, including M1 chip).

    More information: Mntra

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