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    Noise Engineering Releases Sinc Vereor, Virt Vereor & Ruina FREE Plugins


    Noise Engineering has released Sinc Vereor, Virt Vereor, and Ruina, two experimental synthesizers, respectively an effect plugin – all freeware.

    You’ll get two synths and one multi-distortion. Noise Engineering says they designed these plugins to be intuitive and versatile: whether you want to make pop, industrial, IDM, or techno, there are sounds galore that are sure to fit into your next project.

    Sinc Vereor
    Sinc Vereor

    Sinc Vereor is loosely based on the sound of the gone-but-not-forgotten Sinc Iter Eurorack module. You can tweak the wave morphing/wave folding tone control to make sound design a breeze. Blend between familiar waveforms like saw, triangle, and square. The Super mode adds 6 phase-offset oscillators, also you can use Noise mode to generate self-similar noise for percussion, effects, and more.

    Virt Vereor
    Virt Vereor

    Virt Vereor is a powerful synthesizer based on a unique set of synthesis algorithms. Bass is a quadrature algorithm described in Bernie Hutchins’ seminal series Electronotes. Sawx is a supersaw-inspired beast. Harm is an additive algorithm with spectral control and distortion of partials. Virt Vereor makes a tremendous amount of unique sounds with an immediate and usable interface.


    Ruina is a creative stereo distortion plugin built on digital distortion algorithms similar to Ruina Versio: no emulations here. Intuitive and fully automatable controls make it easy to get a gentle, nuanced color, to obliviate a signal, or to dial in anything in between. Don’t feel like tweaking the parameters? Ruina comes with tons of presets to fit any need.

    These three plugins are in beta mode, so they might have some bugs. The devs have a page where they track what issues they’re working on fixing.

    Sinc Vereor, Virt Vereor, and Ruina are available in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats for DAWs on Windows and macOS.

    More information: Noise Engineering

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