TBProAudio and Release GSat+ FREE Saturation Plugin

    TBProAudio and have announced GSat+, a brand-new high-end saturation plugin that is now available for free to the community.

    GSat+ is an exclusive saturation plugin featuring an incredible saturation algorithm, VU meters, clip protection, and oversampling.

    Although derived from the saturation module in TBProAudio’s CS5501 channel strip plugin, the team at suggested a few new tricks and features that they’ve incorporated to help make this plugin stand alone as a superb tool that will cover all your saturation needs.


    • Saturation with three different “tube-based” character modes
    • Clip protection
    • VU meters
    • Signal monitoring
    • Oversampling
    • Plugin bypass
    • Preset management
    • Large and easy to use freely-scalable GUI
    • 64-bit internal processing
    • Very efficient CPU usage design

    TBProAudio, a plugin developer based in Munich, Germany, develops audio tools which help music producers to do their jobs more quickly – and better. They use the latest algorithms and standards to enable their customers to deliver the best quality. The tools they release are developed by musicians, for musicians. is the world’s biggest and most popular pro audio discussion community, with over 400,000 registered members, over 1 million total threads, and over 13 million posts, covering everything music and audio production-related – from synths, plugins & rack hardware to tape machines to guitars to studio design & management, soldering, and much, much more.

    GSat+ supports VST and AAX formats on Mac & Windows PCs and additionally AU on macOS/OSX.

    You can download this plugin for free at TBProAudio (registration not required).

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